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Our background


We – Mark and Dan – started our Firm in early 2003 with the idea that we would fill a niche missing from the Southern California legal market: Former federal and state prosecutors with significant experience and excellent reputations in the criminal / regulatory arenas, but at a small firm that combines lower rates with personalized attention and flexibility to meet our clients’ needs.

Mark left a big law firm, after having served for 10 years as a federal prosecutor in Los Angeles, and Dan left his job as a federal prosecutor, also in Los Angeles, after having served 15 years as a state and federal prosecutor in Los Angeles. Combined we have 50 years of legal experience focusing on criminal law. As former federal and state prosecutors, we have the experience, insight, and connections necessary to do the best possible job for our clients in what sometimes are very difficult circumstances.

What we stand for

We founded our Firm so that we could have the flexibility to take clients and cases that interest us based upon the subject matter and our clients’ individual needs. The small size of our Firm enables us to interact directly with clients and immerse ourselves personally in our cases. We get to know our clients and understand their needs and goals. Clients can rely upon us to be approachable, responsive, efficient, and effective; we respond promptly to telephone calls, report regularly on case developments, and stay on top of significant changes in federal and state law.

Attorney-Client Relationship

We feel very strongly that once we take on a client’s representation, we owe the client our undivided duty of loyalty and commitment to do the best job we can for the client, whatever the circumstances. We take pride in the fact that we routinely achieve outstanding results for our clients. However, we don’t trumpet our specific victories/results because we look out for our clients’ interests at all times, including keeping our representations confidential to protect the privacy and reputations of our clients’.

If you hire our Firm to represent you or your business, you will receive excellent legal representation by lawyers who care about resolving your matter to the best of our ability, consistent with your needs and goals.

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