Local Counsel

Lawyers not admitted to the California State Bar or the United District Court for the Central District of California must associate with Local Counsel in order to make court appearances in those jurisdictions. We often serve as Local Counsel for law firms that do not have a Los Angeles office, because we are admitted in those jurisdictions, and also because we have longstanding relationships with many, if not all, of the judges before whom the cases are pending. Our role varies with the needs of non-California counsel. Sometimes our Firm takes a very limited role – such as assisting the non-California counsel with getting admitted pro hac vice, and educating them on California practice and procedure — while in other cases our Firm actively assists in the litigation – for example by drafting pleadings, making court appearances, taking depositions, etc. In all cases, we are prepared to answer any questions that non-California lawyers could have about procedures in either federal or state court.