Grand Jury Investigations – Federal and State


The grand jury is an effective tool used by prosecutors to investigate criminal cases and return indictments against individuals and companies alleged to have committed crimes. Federal prosecutors routinely, and almost exclusively, use grand juries to compel document production and testimony in the context of almost total secrecy. Recently, state prosecutors also have been using the grand jury to investigate certain crimes, including white collar crimes. We have extensive grand jury experience both as federal and state prosecutors and as defense counsel. We understand the complex issues clients face, whether individuals or corporations, when categorized as a witness, subject, or target of a grand jury’s investigation. Our experience with, and understanding of federal and state grand juries, and how prosecutors use them, positions us to effectively represent our clients’ interests. We have represented numerous witnesses in state and federal criminal investigations and grand jury proceedings. In each instance we have secured immunity for the witnesses testimony or obtained assurances that our clients were witnesses with no criminal exposure.